The definition of insanity:

"is to keep doing the same thing and expect a different result"

The biggest mistake parent/s make when dealing with their son or daughter who is addicted to alcohol or drugs is they personally try and change their son or daughters behaviour without having the tools and knowledge required to deal with this deadly disease.

When one strategy does not appear to be working they quickly move onto the next, and then the next, and then they come back around and start doing the same thing all over again. Meanwhile frustration, anger, resentment, shame and a sense of hopelessness set in and colour how they deal with their child's substance addiction.

Over the past 15 years I have worked with hundreds of parent/s and what I have found is in over 90% of cases the parent/s have never created a comprehensive strategy to deal with the issues in their family. They have spoken with a relative/neighbour/work colleague who told them this is what they would do and the parent/s then head off and give this way a try. The information they have received in its self may well have been good information but it is only one part of the jigsaw puzzle, and when implemented by itself is almost certain to not bring the results the parent/s want. Further, what works for one family does not mean it will work for every family.

The goal of every parent/s is to bring their son or daughter back into the family unit free of drugs/alcohol. They want to see their child live a full and productive life. They want their child to unwrap the skills and talents they have been blessed with.

To achieve this goal requires the parent/s to adjust what they are currently doing and how they are going to approach the issues. It requires the parent/s to learn how to deal with their emotions such as anger, shame and embarrassment. If parents allow these emotions to get the better of them the end effect is it will almost certainly push out the time their child spends in the cyclone of addiction.

Put simply if the parent/s want to shorten the time their child spends in addiction they need to revisit how they are going about it. It is the parent/s who need to change first and then be the catalyst for their child's change.

Our workshops provide parent/s with the tools they need to make this happen. Learning how to effectively communicate with each other and getting all family members on the same page in the way they are dealing with the issues is fundamental to achieving the goal of bringing your child back from the edge.

There is no one size fits all solution. Every family has its own peculiarities. What works for one family does not mean it will work for your family. The only question that needs to be answered by every parent is, what am I prepared to do to help my child overcome their addiction?
Workshops Date

Nov 19, 2016

Addiction is a disease that causes enormous heartache and grief not only to the child who is addicted to drugs or alcohol but also to every member of the family.

This workshop will provide parents with variety of new strategies to help bring their family back together.