One of the great revelations of early recovery is finding out you are not different and alone. You will discover that you are on a pathway of recovery which has seen many thousands of alcoholics travel before you.

As you read their stories you will relate to the feelings and struggles they encountered and how they overcame them. You will gain hope and confidence that you too can have what they have.

Do we have to listen to her again?
“There she goes again,” I said as I nudged another newcomer next to me. She was Mercy, one of the matriarchs of the Monday night meeting who at that time had 30-plus years of sobriety. I was a relative newcomer with a couple of years who ...
When I think of a “slip” it tends to bring to mind someone stepping on a banana peel or losing his grip while scaling a mountain. My relapses were deliberate slides and not slips. I was grudgingly staying sober to try to h...