To maximise your recovery you have to do two things. First, select a model of recovery which is going to work both in the short term ie getting you sober and then in the long term, keeping you sober. Second, you have to acquire the tools to help you create and build your new life.

The practising alcoholic has led a life of lies, deceit and broken promises. Relationships have been fractured and in many cases destroyed. Almost every practising alcoholic loses confidence and self-esteem. The recovering alcoholic has to learn how to overcome their past and the people they have hurt. Without the tools to deal with these issues they place themselves at great risk of returning to their old life of drinking.

The programs on this site have been specifically designed to work beside and complement your attendance at AA or whatever else you are doing to stay sober. They are not meant to replace AA or your chosen model of recovery.

Every one of our programs has been created by the RBB team who are all recovering alcoholics with over 100 years of sobriety between them, and is headed up by the founder of RBB Graeme Alford. On channel 2's Australian Story Graeme was hailed as the "Comeback King." His journey from successful lawyer to bank robber and then in sobriety to an extraordinary and fulfilling life is an inspirational example of what you can achieve in sobriety if you have the right tools to build the "New You ."

Turn On The Light

"Turn on the light" has been designed for people just starting out on their journey of recovery, either fresh out of Detox/Rehab or in the first 12 months of their journey. ...

Program Fees: $245 AUD
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Build the New You

(This program will be ready in 4 weeks) - "The New You" has been specifically designed for people who have obtained their first 9-12 months of sobriety and understand what they...

Program Fees: $.01 AUD
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