Turn On The Light

“I did the Turn on the Light program immediately after I left rehab and I am so glad I took my counsellors advice to do it. I found going to the  AA meetings and doing  TOTL  just what I needed to really fire up my recovery. “ Kylie J

“The skills and tools I learned from Turn on the Light helped me enormously to get through those nerve racking early days. In particular the lesson on the Change Up Strategy  worked wonders for me.” Blake N

Take your recovery to a whole new level with Turn on the Light.

The early days of recovery are confusing and often bewildering. Advice on what you should and should not do can vary from one day to the next depending on who you are speaking to.

Over the past 31 years Graeme has spent countless hours researching what it takes to not only get and stay sober but also how to create, build and enjoy a whole new life. So many recovery alcoholics go to AA and learn how to stay sober but never really unwrap their gift of sobriety.

Graeme’s research has clearly revealed the road of recovery is a dual highway. The first carriageway is learning how to get and stay sober and meetings of AA are by far the most popular. The second carriageway is learning how to create and build a life beyond your wildest dreams.

Turn on the Light is full of practical how to’s. Over the 31 years of his sobriety Graeme has attended thousands of AA meetings all over the world and has counselled hundreds of recovering alcoholics/drug addicts. The 12 lessons in Turn on the Light bring together all this experience and knowledge. As Graeme often says, “I wanted to build a program that would have helped me in my early days of recovery. Something that I could have used in conjunction with going to my regular AA meetings.”

Remember Turn on the Light does not and will not take the place of going to AA. It has been designed to work in conjunction with AA.

What you will get in your Turn On The Light Program

  • A comprehsenive work book.
  • Separate video instruction for each lesson.
  • 12 Easy to follow lessons.
  • Access to forums to discuss any issues which arise while you are doing the program.