There is only one similarity that counts!

I was dressed and ready to go. It was my first day leave from Dhurringuile, a prison camp in northern Victoria and it had been 3 and half years coming.

My sponsor, Antique Harry was driving up from Bendigo, picking me up, taking me to the Kyabram mini conference and then bringing me back to the prison.

Antique had been my sponsor for the past 18 months and his guidance and wisdom so far had been priceless. From the moment I first heard him speak at Bendigo I was hooked and within weeks I had asked him to be my sponsor.

When we reached Kyabram we stopped for a coffee and Antique could see I was a little nervous. This was my first meeting outside the prison system and I was more than a little apprehensive as to how I would be received by the other members. As it turned out that was the last thing I should have been concerned about.

The meeting went quickly and before I knew it we were back in the car and on our way back to the prison. ‘Well what did you get out of the meeting?” I thought about Antiques question and replied “Over the past couple of years of going to meetings in prison I have heard it said from the floor we should listen for the similarities not the differences. Apart from one speaker talking about her blackouts I found it hard to find any other similarities.”

I was not sure how Antique would respond, “Graeme everyone’s drinking journey is unique to them, how they lived, what they did when they got drunk, the consequences to them and so on. The one similarity every alcoholic shares with another alcoholic is the drink finally got the best of them and brought them to their knees. Did alcohol destroy your life, marriage, career?” “Yes” “and when you listened to each of the speakers today had alcohol brought them to their knees just like you?” “Yes”

“That’s the only similarity you need to identify with, and yes in time you will hear other similarities but the day you think you are different is the day you are heading down a troubled path”

Its 29 years since Antique took me to the Kyabram mini conference and since that day I have never doubted the one similarity all alcoholics share.

The booz brought us to our knees.



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