Don’t go back into the old environment!!

Graeme can I have a couple of minutes of your time?”

“certainly Anne lets grab a coffee and sit over there.”

Following a quick visit to the kitchen to get the coffee we were seated in the corner of the meeting room and Anne began the conversation, “Graeme when I was in rehab my counsellor said to me,  don’t go back into the old environment. I asked him what he meant and he said you have to stay away from the places you got drunk. After the session I went back to my room and had no idea what I was going to do because I did all my drinking at home!!”

Now I have heard this piece of wisdom a thousand times and often thought how lucky I was I did all my drinking in the pubs clubs and dives. Staying away from the old environment was not something that caused me a great deal of concern.

“So how did you handle this?”

“My husband visited me a couple of days later and I told him what the counsellor had advised and Brian said that’s OK we will just shift everything around in the house so it won’t feel like the old environment.”

“Brian picked me up from rehab the following week and when I walked through the door of our home I got the shock of my life. Everything looked different. Brian had shifted furniture to different rooms changed paintings on the walls repainted the kitchen and lots of other things.”

I was fascinated by this, “how did you feel walking into your home?”

“It felt different, I did not feel like it was my old environment.”

I was thinking how lucky Anne was to have a partner like Brian. Redecorating the home and moving things around obviously worked wonders for her.

Note: The combination of Brian’s innovative move of making the home look and feel different and Anne meticulously planning her calendar for each hour of each day saw her transition out of rehab and remove the potential disaster of “going back into the old environment.”


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