Connected Recovery

Recently, and as an observer, I had the pleasure of attending a Narcotics Anonymous workshop in suburban Melbourne with over 80 members of NA.

Prior to the workshop commencing there was a BBQ with a gold coin donation and as the members arrived there were hugs and warm and sincere greetings as the various members made their way around the different groups and caught up with fellow members who they may not have seen for a few weeks or even months.

Being an observer I was sitting off to one side and just watching the interaction. There were groups from a couple of residential Rehabs mixing with people who they had met in Rehab and who had transitioned back into the community as well members who had attained a number of years of “clean time.”

As they ate their hamburgers, sausages and vegetarian hamburgers the laughter and conviviality was infectious. I was amongst a group of people who felt connected to their model of recovery, connected to their fellow members on the journey and connected to a way of life only a few short months/years before they could not have imagined possible

While no model of recovery works for everyone, staying connected to a model of recovery will go a very long way towards keeping a person clean/sober; and access to the connection on a daily basis can be critical to the person in recovery.

Watching the members share with each other as they ate was motivating. To see the support, hope and inspiration this connection gave these members is one of the overwhelming reasons the 12 step model has so much to offer.




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