Recovery Beyond Belief (RBB) was founded to provide alcoholics in recovery with the tools they need to put their foot on the accelerator of life while still maintaining their sobriety.

RBB is not going to help you detox, it does not and should not take the place of going to a rehab, nor is it meant to replace regular attendance at AA. This site is custom designed to help you maximise the gift of sobriety. To work in conjunction with the model you have chosen to maintain sobriety.

We are always looking for contributions to our forums and story sections. So please join in, share, learn and become connected to fellow travellers on the same journey as you.

About the founder

Graeme's journey from highly successful Barrister & Solicitor to a prison cell convicted of armed robbery and then back is true testament that nothing is impossible.


Overcoming a raging addiction to alcohol and how he rebuilt his life has provided hundreds of recovering alcoholics not only with inspiration and hope but also a set of unique tools to maximise their gift of sobriety.

Graeme not only talks the talk, he walks the walks, and more importantly, he has walked the talk for the past 31 years. The ABC TV program The Australian Story labelled Graeme "The Comeback King".